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Hey y'all, what's going on?
Welcome to the insanity.

Hello, I am Emily, and I have a lot of thoughts. I consume a lot of stories, whether I read them off a page or watch them on a screen. When I read or watch something, I become dedicated to the story, and as such, I have thoughts. I can't help it, my brain likes to dissect and analyze things, and what I'm left with is a bunch of thoughts that will make my brain explode if I don't share them.

I used to run a book review blog. It was called Emily's Crammed Bookshelf. It was years and years ago, but I was kicking ass. I was reading a ton of books, posting reviews, communicating with authors and publishing companies to get free books for review. My reviews were quoted in several books, I was doing really good. Then reality hit. I started college, and then I got a job, because ya know, a girl needs money. And as a result, my book review blog was left in the past.

I became dedicated to TV shows instead. The show that started this phase of my life was The 100. I watched 17 episodes in 48 hours, and after that, I was done. I was hooked. I started analyzing the episodes and writing opinion posts and posting them on my fandom instagram account @thefandomfeeels. I've done that for the last two or so years, and it's been great. But then recently I got into reading because I binge read the end of the Study series by Maria V. Snyder, and I decided to bring my blog back to life. That lasted about a week, and then I had to make a change. My blog used to be all flowery and girly and pink and cute, and it wasn't me. I curse a lot, I'm not flowery, and I don't read as much as I used to. But you know what I can do on here that I can't on my insta account? Write endlessly.

So I changed the name and template, and here we are. This is my new blog, and I will be posting reviews, episode analysis, fandom news, anything I feel like. And I am really looking forward to it.

- Emily, 1/12/18

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